2014 Begins- Song Release Plan

big news
~ 2014 begins following our most successful celebrations of Alan Mann [rip] & song Christmas On The Block, both with WXPN’s early support of our 30th anniv recording & filmed full house sing-along 12/22 at Dobbs on South St.

~ But no basking in the glory long, Alan Mann Celebration 12-22readying mixes of now 15 songs, many played live this past yr, 3 just created- newest Only Always is special, being a live solo with Kim De Meo’s lyrics, but touches on our deepest universal pain of loss. Unfortunately well timed as I learn of another friend…

~ Plan to release a new mix every Tues thru March at least!! Yes, starting with our even better All Of A Sudden Tuesday Feb 11, then Up On The Bluffs, What If. The “new” stuff starts coming in March- Leap Of Faith, You Said My Name, Don’t You See & Oh Philadelphia ’14. If all goes as planned, we should have the whole Spellbound album (& song by that name) soon after.

~ That’s the short of it, important because only after can I begin sharing my newest writing- already 5 songs and counting (one needs words) that are even more exciting & fresh, ahead of the wave, hoping, & where I’m heading this year, looking forward.

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