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Blood Moon in Aires   Time flies having fun, & great fun’s been brewing along with brand new songs here at SakLab. The 1st planned release was written last holiday season but too late for 2014, so “Colors Faded” will be my submission to this coming holiday batch, about how every Fall a feeling of melancholy underscores the joy, reminds me of long ago, Alan Mann (or John Lennon) w those songs & all we can do is sing & share them to carry on. I feel their writing style & spirit are woven into the fabric of this one.
    Early Oct I’ll be posting this single here & With your & yours’ help, we can get airplay~ request “Colors Faded” by Saklad at WXPN, WSTW… (really) any & all radio both earthbound & online, thank you! Also I plan to have the new 11 song album ready early next year so expect a lot of out & about prepping the live performance til then + Colors Faded + of course, Christmas On The Block (© Alan Mann).
More news to come, stay tuned!…

    ps~ I’m all for sharing with your friends any/ all songs that inspire, cajole, uplift, get you tapping or dancing or singing along, and have them stop over-
pss~ also videos-

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Spellbound album finalized!

Spellbound album finalized!

Saklad Music
    I admit it’s been some time since you may have heard from me; every song from Spellbound has been remixed (often) to now offer the current finalized album for download! will honor all previous codes for download &/or you may also donate to my pressing physical cds (if you haven’t already).
    It’d be great to hear from you, any feadback postive & negative will help guide me to any final changes to be made, in advance of pressing/ promoting!
    Looking forward to the fall, when more new music is in store for you, but let’s all enjoy the best of this summer 2015 & stay tuned…

ps~ I’m all for sharing with your friends any/ all songs that inspire, cajole, uplift, get you tapping or dancing or singing along, and have them stop over-

pss~ also posting the corresponding Spellbound videos daily-
~ 10 songs + updates/remixes thru 7/2/15 (1st ed 9/30/14) mp3 & cd quality

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Last Sprint til April 1st!

    Lately, even I get to wondering if/when mySpellbound [sorta] new album might be done. Boy crying wolf is an understatement, since my 1st deadline for release 6 months ago, but…
    … each mix is better than it’s last, so round & round I go. Well in the last weeks I’ve come across so many phase issues & hi-pass too high, distortion requiring new trax, on & on.
    I must, at all costs, offer the highest quality possible- especially for my future listens (I can’t listen to much of SAKLAD album ’10 for all my rcdg/mixing errors & oversites, though strong songwriting.) Spellbound has been both my best public work/writing to date, & my doctorate in the art of recording/mixing songs at higher than demo quality: competetive for today’s ears. As I think about the 40+ yr quest to achieve this, my HS Senior project wasn’t so different exept a musician friend recorded me w 10 songs to 4 trak reel to reel (1 2nd stereo trk- allowing just vocals, guitar, piano/organ)- still have the 2 trk reel…
    This last leg of the process hasn’t been a straight line, I wrote another whole album, mostly recorded too, fueling much of the remixing as I learned more, understood concepts, listened better, conceived fresher ideas, incorporated EDM & dub flavors into my soup.
    Truth is, to be the best songwriter, we must know & make use of today’s tools, sounds, tech, and to be producer, engineer & mixer, even if just to jot down concepts for future “pro” recordings.
    Though my mixing has been about 10yrs progress, the writing goes back to 10yrs old, so all my life, as far back as memory serves, been about love for music! Yes, still hold faith that the cream will rise.

ps- oh yeh, so we hope to finish April fools!

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