Don’t Want Fans, Seeking…

    Don’t want fans; seeking music appreciators thirsting for fresh original songs with a current sound, yet an ear to familiar rock-pop-folk foundations- a sound built on the history & soul of pop culture but looking toward the future, crossover ready. Lyrics describe both serious & light subjects, predominantly include elements of hope told personally with authentic words that resonate on many levels.
    Most “fans” are all about the artist, their news worthy story, social status & laundry, in contrast to music appreciators who are more interested in the artist’s creations & the impact on them in an emotional, intellectual & visceral way. Have the recordings faithfully captured all the innuendo of a live show, and visa versa? Pure gut level reaction that relies less on spectacle, more on connection thru artistry, words & performance, would be the kind of audience attracted to Saklad songs.

About Saklad

Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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