Is My Song Recording Finished?

    So when is a song recording done- mixed & ready for the mastering & pressing + distribution? I asked this again earlier this week to see the responses since here I was again doing the umteenth remix of Up On The Bluffs for upcoming album Spellbound, yet knowing as I went about tweaking the sound of almost every track, this would be even better than last time.
    The easy answer to this question is never, but it avoids dealing with a very real challenge- every time I learn a new trick or try a new chain of efx, or address phase issues (oh yeh) after a troubling eq problem, I want to do it to all my previous recordings! So here we are, I keep pushing back the release date, more pleased than ever with the mixes of the 10+ songs (until next week when I need more snare here and tame the wild sub-bass there)! Not to mention, I still have some vocals & guitar work to do, more keyboards spice… and a sax, yeh… and no listening to the muse for new songs, NO!!
    I don’t believe there is a hard and fast rule to assess when an original song recording is ready, but I do know I get a feeling, not just the goose-bumps, but a sensing that it’s starting to jell, like when cooking- and you just smell this wonderful ripe aroma, right then it’s time to turn off the heat. Yes, a good analogy, because it’s really easy to burn eggs, for example, but just one moment before that, supurb! And then I play it for all my closest friends, critique cruelly you guys, I need the ass-whipping incentive to go back, you guessed it, and mix it again 🙂
    It ain’t done til it’s pressed, and I hope soon too!

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Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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