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Spellbound News~
~ all 10 songs now avail (9/30/14) for download [mp3 & cd quality] grey audio player [if not here refresh pg]

    All Of A Sudden~ Blues-rock romp rooted in boogie-woogie ala Leon Russell + B3 organ! About the moment each of us recognizes something’s changed in a relationship- you have to see them ASAP, bouncy, fun!
    Leap Of Faith~ mellow/haunting- awakened in the stormy night, searching for hope…
    Spellbound- ©Saklad & Kim De Meo~ alt-funk w/ dance beats (breaks new ground musically) “keep me Spellbound” crux of this collection
    You Said My Name- lyrics by Kim De Meo~ modern styled blues rocker w/ alt attitude & crunchy guitars- how everything’s changed “since you said my name like a sweet benediction”…
    Up On The Bluffs- lyrics by Kim De Meo~ inspired by Winfield, a timeless, old soul islander resort doorman, full of dignity & grace, twinkle in his eye, offers to take our photo then shares his special gift- a small bottle of choral pink sand, and many stories…
    Under The Milky Way Tonight- Kim De Meo~ lead vocal, covers ©The Church (based on our live arrangement)
    Oh Philadelphia~ new version of a favorite, between the rhythmic piano & amped guitar hook, the use of swing elements w/ straight time, bids a nod to R & R origins, sounds complete & fresh!- the snare reminds me of gunshots… we kept it
    Don’t You See?~ guitar driven melodic rock, tinkling piano- lying awake, reminded how “all I ever wanted lay hidden right in front of me” and to share what’s inside us…
    Knockin On Heaven’s Door~ Kim De Meo leads this classic rock w/ an alt-folk-modern style while melodic guitar sings reply…
    What If? ~ posing the age old question, What If all our perceived reality wasn’t at all what it appears? taken a step further, and how it might even change our world…

1) All Of A sudden
2) Leap Of Faith
3) Spellbound- by Saklad & Kim De Meo
4) You Said My Name- lyrics De Meo
5) Up On The Bluffs- lyrics De Meo
6) Under The Milky Way Tonight- vox De Meo
7) Oh Philadelphia
8) Don’t You See?
9) Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door- vox De Meo
10) What If?
    + bonus trak(s) Christmas On The Block 10/25/13 ©Alan Mann by permission [30th anniv], features Kenn Kweder blues harp, newly mixed for ’13, which opened doors last year(s) @ WXPN Helen Leicht, WSTW Mark Rogers, WCHE Charlie Silvestri, Dan Herman and Michael Tearson, You Local, more online. Recording some new guitar traks w/ special attention to drum & bass, new vocals & spacial enhancing + more fresh ear candy!

SAKLAD album Sept ’10 avail here thru CD Baby , more incl I-TUNES
Tethered, Just In Case, I Been Told ©Kim De Meo & Larry Saklad

SAKLAD album Lyrics pdf [Scribd] & Here

    Following his fall ’06 debut release, Yet2B, Larry Saklad has been performing regionally, both in support of those songs, Oh Philadelphia and new writing. This year brings us another collection of fresh recordings, SAKLAD, all relate to finding peace in a decidedly un-peaceful place.
    As accomplished, both on piano and guitar, Larry’s songs reflect an interplay of each instrument weaving counterpoint against the other. This focus shifts throughout the collection and within most songs. His singing also has shifted- earlier known for his plaintive raw passion, he pushes it with gentler intensity. “Oh Philadelphia” articulates contrast along with the resonance of “Tethered”, while “I Been Told” woos us in refreshing harmony with Kim De Meo, also co-writer.
    Contrasts abound, with keyboard textures, electric/ acoustic guitars and drums all providing support for an ever-changing genre. From full-on rock anthems to acoustic ballads and funky-folk pop, Saklad crafts thoughtful and catchy insight about our world, in the light of redefining what is reality/ illusion, as in “Comedy of Errors”. Ultimately, truth lies only within our relationships with each other, and no avoiding God as relates to the mindset of peace.
    Some may say, peace sounds kind of boring, but experiencing SAKLAD’s art is anything but: consider the 1st single,”Salt In My Coffee”!

avail here

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