Metaphor Released Feb 21

    Metaphor is the aptly named new album from Lawrence Saklad (Larry, Lawry), due to the many levels of meaning most songs can be taken. Consider Darlin Stay, a slower ballad begging your lover to stay over, and also about staying in this life (visions of Lennon’s last moments- 2nd verse about “floating upstream” and his word “[Oh] Darlin”).
    Both the happiest song, All I Want, and saddest, Only Always, co-write w Kim De Meo’s lyrics, & brother Howard playing Taps behind a song for a dear departed, fall together. Doug Grigsby, bassist & producer extraordinaire, heard All I Want (Caribbean influences) early in the process, “…the happiest song I’ve ever heard!” before ending w uptempo In The Hush, lyrics & vocal- De Meo. Just added Hug 3/20~ “had an inspired week 1st w folks sibs then kids & gkids so sharing this song Hug today! do..”.
    “Yes, there’s always been a subject/story connecting the songs for each album: Spellbound– about inspiration, SAKLAD- about finding me, & now Metaphor.” What ties further bind these 13 creations? Starting w Shit Hides, then Ol’ Man Shoes we are acknowledging some truths are never understood yet unify us all.
    Next up, Pockets– like The Byrds’ “So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star”, Larry describes the process of songwriting- “finding the words like catch the tail of the bird” & subsequent putting together the band, learning to play in the “pocket”- groove, “lock it”- tempo & “plug”ging it all “the bitch”, into the music machine “socket”. Admittedly, it sure sounds like an abusive relationship, but no, all Metaphor! Just added a bonus music trak~ New Dub ’17, experimental dance influenced, all music.
    #6 Colors Faded has been pre-released Fall 2015- performed at Dobbs (South St, Phila. before closing it’s doors again ’16) about the melancholy of dear ones who’ve passed underscoring late Fall, just before the holidays.
    Many songs fall in pairs- More Storms a-Comin & Before the Flood speak of the future- people must come together to “fix this before the flood”.
    Every Time relays the excitement 1st realizing how the heart jumps each time seeing her or him entering the room, that inner smile when you just know how you both share a special connection other than the 5 senses- real love! Funky too- Mike Tyler, guitar God, heard it- “wow… sounds black!”
    Genres range from classic & alt rock (Pink Floyd, Lennon, Peter Gabriel) w/ a modern edge incorporating new textures & mix, to Neil Youngish Americana, Folk, Funk & Electronic/ Dance/ Dub influences.  has put together a diverse collection drawing from ’70s ’80s ’90s Philly, but forging a fresh updated sound w/ lyrics that resonate, current for today!

KidGrin Records ’17

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Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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