@ The “New” Drawing Board for 2012

    Once again my thoughts are being tested, my determination challenged, and my convictions conflicted with doubts. While writing and recording new songs, among my best yet according to recent responses performed live, I stand at the “new” drawing board for 2012, pencil poised to map out a plan of awareness, giving more chances than ever before, to share what inspires my soul, music- results of that love being my original songs.
    To plan ahead we must build on where we’ve been, so I take stock in the past 5 years, back to May 1, 2006 when I retired from USPS after 24 years to pursue my passion, and released my debut, Yet2B, 10/12/06. I applied everything I had learned about songwriting & performing & recording since age 6, proud to finally release 11 original songs to the public- later to learn of the countless errors I made both in the mixing and mastering. Yet the songs have been applauded live over the next years and are still viable, I needed to do better.
    SAKLAD was released 9/14/10, went thru many transformations & names, originally called MasterPeace appropriately, as most of these songs were about inspiration and was to be my very best effort. I am still proud of this album of 11 songs, and the many opportunities and doors it has opened, plus the countless chances to share multiplied.
    This past December ’11 brought an amazing response to our new recording of Alan Mann’s “Christmas On The Block” featuring Kenn Kweder bluesharp, including airplay XPN, STW, BZH, CHE, Z88.9 and online Michael Tearson’s http://rtds.ca , Dan Herman’s http://radiocrystalblue.net , Charlie Sylvestri’s http://upcloseandacoustic.podomatic.com and a memorable performance w/ Kenn Kweder @ Dobbs South St…
    …Alas, I have come so far since 2004 when I wrote my first of the new songs that re-opened the flood gate to my muse (“The Voice”) and set me back on this less traveled road. I should be feeling uplifted and hopeful as this new year begins, and I do, but I also have huge trepidation- my talents for music, the arts & the creative process seem to fall far short when it comes to promotion and marketing. All my life I carried the conviction, “create great music/songs and they would rise like cream to the top” so priority was to the process of songwriting & musicianship, not learning corporate strategies of monetization and SEO (suddenly scrambling and cramming to learn all I can with the other side of my brain). Surprisingly I find it interesting, even intriguing- I get into editing graphics & photos, designing posters & promo, writing press releases & blogs, I like wearing all the many hats.
    But at this rate, I’ll be dead before any of this pans out into a profitable business- it has remained a labor of love and audience has dwindled, I play too many under-attended shows, give away too many cds, and expend an enormous amount of energy, time & $ for one purpose- to celebrate life carrying the torch of universal connection thru music. I still believe in the power of a song, and continue to cross my fingers- maybe this year…
    …like my newest writing, “Leap Of Faith” baby!

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Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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