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Blood Moon in Aires   Time flies having fun, & great fun’s been brewing along with brand new songs here at SakLab. The 1st planned release was written last holiday season but too late for 2014, so “Colors Faded” will be my submission to this coming holiday batch, about how every Fall a feeling of melancholy underscores the joy, reminds me of long ago, Alan Mann (or John Lennon) w those songs & all we can do is sing & share them to carry on. I feel their writing style & spirit are woven into the fabric of this one.
    Early Oct I’ll be posting this single here & With your & yours’ help, we can get airplay~ request “Colors Faded” by Saklad at WXPN, WSTW… (really) any & all radio both earthbound & online, thank you! Also I plan to have the new 11 song album ready early next year so expect a lot of out & about prepping the live performance til then + Colors Faded + of course, Christmas On The Block (© Alan Mann).
More news to come, stay tuned!…

    ps~ I’m all for sharing with your friends any/ all songs that inspire, cajole, uplift, get you tapping or dancing or singing along, and have them stop over-
pss~ also videos-

About Saklad

Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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