Rekindled Affair w/ Electric Guitar

[reprinted from ’08]

well, for years now, it seems I have been playing the shit out of my Ibanez Acoustic/El guitars at countless open mics, shows and parks, convinced that this was the way to present the songs, in classic singer-songwriter style. I admit it made me a much better player and singer songwriter, but alas, no matter how I changed tension on the necks, I was having serious problems with string buzzes. For the last 2 months the action is so high, I can only do recording, and hand fatigue plagues me…

[phase 2]
It was fuckin’ depressing… until
Yeeeeeah, just got my very old and dear Guild Electric GUITAR (mahogany- weighs a ton) back from barnhouse studios after a year (seemed like 10). Opening the shrapnelled case (still in one piece) the musty antiquity slams your nose with anticipation. And there, a bit disheveled, is My Guild S300-D with a huge bow in the neck, but all the same I gently lifted my girl outta her coffin, cradled her- can we have this dance? And we started to waltz, her oh so familiar torso and neck in both my hands, and we both teased each other, a bit coy, egging each other on.
She felt so good in my fingers, knew it was time to plug her in. I sat her in my easy chair, oh my god, she is still so beautiful, the patina gleaming in her vintage deep red wine varnish. Now gazing up the ebony neck, with deep impressions from all the master players before me. Finally her face with real pearl crown logo and her name, GUILD. I found her about 15 years ago, used, at a mom and pop music store going out of business later that year. Thinking back, I never knew how no “wammy bar” got me an unheard of deal, and so it began our relationship- meant to be.
OK, Honey, we’re all wired, flip the switch, clear our throats, hiccup, then WAMM!!!, ouch, too much… easing up on her throttle, gentlest tickling of her heart strings bathed our ears in steamy, latenight southbound blues. It was right when I asked myself, “How could I ever have left you unloved for so so long, what a fool am I”, but now all is forgiven, and we are back writing together too.
Neadless to say, lots of electric guitar tracks to add to these songs, and I am taking my baby out and see what you all think about that! Open mics be warned, I’m goin electric…
… and a brand new song is begun

So here we are, a few years later, with new Guild 12 string and Taylor 6, but still blown away every time I caress your Electricity, whew!!!

Guild El Gtr

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