Sak-Lab Song Recipe

~ It’s not that I haven’t had these 10+ songs written, recorded and performed over some years now, since SAKLAD ’10. But behind the scenes in what has been coined the “Sak-Lab” I have been learning the fine art of cooking up a song- not just the writing but also the production to wring out all the impact & emotion.

~ Yes, I had a huge learning curve plus it’s only a “project” studio- most of my efforts are built “in the box”, the point being I now needed to bring the songs full circle to fruition, and to be competetive Spellboundin the pro market or no one listens. Sure, it started late ’90s, a 4 trak porta-studio, ugh- having to stripe 1 trak w/ sync tone to play in time to synthesizers (midi), and I could get a guitar & 2 vocals (or bounced for 2 more)… Fast forward to ’04 with a daunting bunch of songs (old & new) to record into Cakewalk, the strongest of which ended up on Yet2B ’06 (an album I’d never listen to again & copies still), but the songs were dear.

~ Immediately, I set out working on the 2010 collection and performing everywhere I could- countless open mics & showcases. New friends included Wei En (Wayne) Hsu, a gifted musician/ producer, instrumental in making Salt In My Coffee the brilliant recording & notable single still getting airplay.

~ So now, 7+ years mixing my originals, currently w/ Sonar X1 (I know, PC guy, I build ’em), something has clicked recently w/ so much online learning from Dave Pensado, Home Recording, etc. It tickles me how good this “food” is tasting- this cook is maybe starting to chef! Yeh, nearly every day for this last year, I have been mixing & remixing, experimenting & fine tuning both my ears & these new songs- why finally I am releasing them, 1 every week, Tuesdays now thru March at least, Spellbound album to follow late Spring!

~ Some shows are being added to perform my new album, Spellbound, the first confirmed on Fri April 11, 9:30 @ Dobbs, 304 South St (& 10:30 Roger Silverberg NY+2). Stop by often for all the latest & do listen!

About Saklad

Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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