Tunnel’s End?

Saklad Music    Finally seeing the light at tunnel’s end, the latest mixes off 2014 (pre)release, Spellbound, are blooming, to release Tues 2/10/15 . Yes, daily remixing/rcdg never stopped- as Spellbound songs now posted are again remixed + new traks @ Sak-Lab studio. Enjoy these gifts of song & sign the fan list [private] for incite & latest news saklad.bandcamp.com ~clik on each song, enter $0 in amount, (or more to support pressing a cd) hi def & 320k mp3 download & lyrics.
    Exploration into this recording stratosphere started back in my ’80s roots on piano, vocals: Star Studio w/ the Starobin bros [Alan Mann ’78], & other brothers “butcher” Nicolo w/ Andy Kravitz & Doug Grigsby at Studio 4 [David Rowan ’89].
    But these interim years songwriting, PHAI learning the craft of recording demos, behind closed doors late night w/ 386 PC, windows 95 & cakewalk software, midi (digital communication between keyboards & computers) & more learning curves than a pitcher. I persisted, incorporating all this new tech both in the production & songwriting, becoming an intrinsic part of new song inception.
    Yet2B, the 1st album ’06, was full of bad production but good songs,”must go back & learn this art of recording much better”, finding inspiration along w/ my new co-writer (& soon partner), leading to the SAKLAD album ’10, w/ much acclaim. Notables incl Salt In My Coffee, Tethered, Just In Case, 2 w/ Kim De Meo + Oh Philadelphia, recorded again for Spellbound.
    This new album took a long time, but for good reason (like aged dark rum), & lotta new writing w/ a dozen already recorded songs for my next “tunnel vision”. Stay tuned for more news, release shows, listen soon & a huge thanks!

ps~ Mainline veteren musician, Willy Potts thinks Spellbound might have a bit of Peter Gabriel[ishness].

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Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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