Why Dine at My Songwriter Table?

    “In spite of wearing my influences like hearts on my sleeve, what I bring to the singer-songwriter table is so much more. Arts are my middle name, not just music or writing or performing, but visual, theatrical, photographic and sculptural all, and don’t leave out parenting- possibly the most challenging but also rewarding of all talents.
    So where do we draw the line on what’s worthy of our attention, and however that line is drawn, why would anyone else be interested or inspired or find value in it? Certainly everyone has a right, even obligation to create content, whether it be to incite revolution against an oppressive state or lull us or our kids into peaceful sleep, to twist our insides tighter during a horror movie or to wring every last tear of joy over a long lost love, even just a memorable singalong to make us feel good.
    Well, I for one, of all the art prescriptions, think a great song is the best medicine. Think of me as that mad scientist, perhaps sorcerer, concocting yet another finger to tickle you, another spice to burn your tongue, another incite to wrinkle the tissues of your brain further for definite yet unmeasurable benefit. But not in some sort of manufactured generic way; my writing comes from actual experience- there is no faking maturity or seeing the big picture in contrast to my naive youth. My art is a true composite of then and now, along with everything in between, and the realization that I’m always thinking about it, always, as my hardwired commitment. It can not be denied or ignored, and it puts all my trust back into your hands and hearts, along with God.
    Just maybe this one ray of hope shines a light where there’s still shadow and doubt, and how I do place my faith.” ~Larry

About Saklad

Lawrence Saklad- singer songwriter musician, piano/ keyboards & guitars, recording artist, production
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